Black Book Manila FAQ

Black Book Manila F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

This section is here to help explain some of the escort industry terminology, facts, misunderstandings, queries and frequently asked questions. We will update this as new facts or questions become more frequent, so to keep this as current as possible. If you have questions that are not covered here do not hesitate to contact us.

Are the models in your gallery real or do they use fake pictures?

All of the pictures of our models are real. We will not use any fake pictures in our profile and ensure that the model that you select to meet are the ones that will meet you. Many agencies will use stock or Instagram pictures of models and arrange for a different model to meet the client. Our promise is that we will only arrange meetings with the model that you have selected via their profile and pictures.

How do I book a model?

You can either use our booking system on the website for advanced bookings or for late notice bookings please contact one of the telephone numbers on our site. We use text, viber, whatsapp, skype, facebook and email for booking requests. If your booking is last minute, we will tell you which models we have available for the time requested.

Are the models rates negotiable?

The model’s rates are on the website and are fixed as per the two hours (overnight). We do not offer any form of discounts for our models to meet you unless it is a longer term engagement or the model will be travelling with you. The model’s rates are fair given that they offer an attentive and personal service.

Are the model’s rates fixed or will I have to pay more when they visit?

The price that is detailed on the website is fixed. You will not have to pay any more than the price that you are told prior to the model visiting you. Despite the models appreciating a tip for a good service, tipping is at the discretion of the client and is not expected or mandatory.

Will my details be secure and how do you ensure that they are kept private?

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients and our models’ privacy is maintained and that all data is managed to the highest levels of security. We do not keep any of our client’s details once the appointment with our models are concluded. We will not contact any of our clients once the business is concluded and all contact names, telephone numbers and addresses are deleted via all correspondence means. We have consistently high levels of repeat business with our clients due to our integrity and discretion.

Why use your agency to meet a model when I can visit a local establishment in Makati or Malate for instance?

Our agency provides a discrete, safe and professional service offering for businessmen and guests visiting the Philippines. The local bars or clubs where you are able to meet local girls are fraught with risk. The girls in such establishments are often not recruited or trained correctly leading to a poor service or in the worst case allegations of assault against you or the theft of your items from your residence. To visit these clubs, you will be exposing yourself to not only being seen in these areas and clubs by friends, colleagues, employees but also to potential health risks. There is a high use of drugs within these clubs and the areas in which they are located and drug use among the girls working there is high. In addition to this you will be expected to pay for the girl to leave the club with you and also tip the equivalent amount again for her to spend the evening with you. Financially you could be worse off using this approach. Minimize your risk and exposure by using our agencies models who have been recruited, trained, managed effectively and professionally.

How do you ensure that the model is healthy and hygienic?

All of our models have the highest levels of hygiene and health awareness. They are recruited and managed by us to the highest professional standard and we have a duty of care to their health and well-being which we take seriously.

I have heard there are a lot of transsexuals in the Philippines, how do I know the Models are not a pre-op or post-op transsexual?

None of the models that are represented by us are transsexuals. We do not offer this service. All of the models at our agency have been born a woman and we ensure that during the recruiting process that their documents and medical checks confirm this.

Are you a Manila only based agency only?

Predominantly we are. 90% of our models are based in Manila (Makati and BGC). Many clients contact us in advance and request that models accompany them for short trips in the Philippines on either business or pleasure. If you require a model to travel with you on business or vacation within the Philippines this can be arranged with longer term preferential rates agreed in advance. Please contact us to discuss this.

When are you open?

We operate seven days per week and our hours of operation are from 15:00 with the last booking taken at 03:00. To avoid disappointment, we advise booking at least 24 hours in advance especially on weekends. Our models are in high demand and to ensure that we can meet your schedule with the model of your choosing it is better to allow appropriate notice especially on weekends.

Can your models travel to areas outside Manila?

All of our models can travel within the Philippines. We do need notice to ensure that we can arrange the model of your choosing is available for travel. For longer term engagements please contact us via our information email (insert) and inform us of your plans and we will do our best to accommodate you and offer more preferential pricing.

How much notice do I need to give to see one of your sexy ladies?

The more notice the better. We will try to accommodate our client’s requests as much as possible however if you call us, wanting to see one specific model in 10 mins time, there is a very high chance that she will not be as available, compared to – if you called a day earlier. Try to give us as much notice as you can and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What do I get in the time I purchase?

All of our advertised models offer a G.F.E (girlfriend experience) for the duration of the time paid for.

When do I pay the model?

All the payment for each of our VIP escorts, needs to be done at the start of the meeting – within the first 5-10mins. If the payment is delayed or not forthcoming the model will leave.

How can I pay?

We accept cash (in all major currencies) which is paid to the model when she arrives at your apartment or condominium. The currencies we accept are Philippine Peso, United States Dollars, Euros, Singaporean Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars and British Pounds. If you require currency exchange facilities and wish for us to do this it can be arranged using one of our transportation personnel.

We also do accept bank transfers (but these do have to be in our account prior to the meeting with the desired model taking place).

Do you accept Credit Cards?

We do not accept credit cards or cheques at this time.

Do the models only do outcall meetings?

Yes, our models only meet at your residence or hotel unless you wish them to accompany you for dinner or drinks (paid for by the client). If you require us to assist with the booking of a hotel or apartment this can be arranged and paid for by us with appropriate notice and also advance payment by the client.

Can I meet the model before I make a booking?

Unfortunately, no. We do not give out the location of any of our models for any form of casting. The only way to meet them is to make a booking with the appropriate model.

I have been told that my place is too far for outcall, even though I’m in Manila.

We only do outcalls to Manila residences. For certain areas (Alabang) there will be an additional charge for transportation (PHP 1,000).

Can you book a hotel for me?

Yes, we can, but we will need to have the funds transferred to us prior, to us booking the hotel. Do call us for hotel bookings.

Do your models travel to Airport Hotels?

Yes, our models do travel to all of the Manila airports. It is mandatory for a minimum of a 3 hour booking with the model and the location has to be at a hotel.

Why do you ask me for my name and to answer the hotel room phone, prior to my appointment?

As a security measure for all new clients, we do ask for their full name, room number and we do need to make sure they are in the room they say they are.

A model I saw last time I was in Manila; I can’t find on your site anymore. Where is she?

Models have commitments like everyone else and may be travelling to visit family and friends or on vacation. If she is no longer on our gallery please contact us and we will arrange for her to visit you if she is available. If she no longer works for us, we will inform you and also make recommendations for a new model.

Do all of the models speak English?

All of our models are able to speak English to a conversational standard if not totally fluent. We do not accept models who have problems with communication.

Can I make clothing requests?

Yes, this can be arranged. We have a fantasy service which allows you to request what the model wears when she spends time with you. For anything a particular that we have to purchase this may involve a small additional cost.

Can I book more than one model at the same time?

Feel free to book as many of our escorts as you want. We have catered for parties for one night and over a weekend for clients previously. We also have models that work together for the ultimate in client pleasure.

Would one of your models, join me and my partner?

Some of our models are happy to work with a couple. Do call us and let us know which models take your fancy.

Are you looking for new models?

We are always on the search for new models. You can apply here.

Your models work with other Manila agencies?

Our models are exclusive to us and only us.